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Relief Fund

Friends have requested a way to donate to Harbin’s recovery. A fund for residents and staff is accepting donations at this time. News on our rebuilding efforts will follow.
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Emergency Contacts

We are still working on re-establishing phone services. Guests who were evacuated should call 562-674-0442 by 10/12 with contact info for refunds.

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Valley Fire hits Harbin

Damage to buildings appears to be extensive

Harbin Hot Springs was successfully evacuated on Saturday afternoon 9/12, just before the Valley Fire advanced into our main valley. The majority of structures on our property were destroyed, but the pools and springs remain intact. We will be closed until further notice, and all future reservations have been canceled, as the land is too dangerous to be occupied at this time. Once a professional assessment of the damage has been conducted, we will post plans for clean-up and rebuilding.
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Staff Relief Fund

Please support the people of Harbin

You can help the people of Harbin recover from this devastating fire.


“How can I help?” has been a common question from our friends and guests. Here is one way…


At the time of the fire on Saturday 9/12, a total of 285 residents, practitioners and local staff worked at Harbin – from phone operators and yoga instructors, to cooks, carpenters, housekeepers, gardeners and water system operators. A large percentage of these people were not typically seen by our guests, but their contributions were critical to providing the “Harbin experience” for those who came here for retreats, workshops and day visits.


Now, many of these individuals have simultaneously lost their homes, possessions, community of friends, neighbors, and place of work.  Of course, we are doing our best to help each other out, and are trying to provide some source of income for the short term. But since this tragedy is being experienced by all workers at Harbin, we are also welcoming assistance from our past guests and friends.


Although local relief agencies may supply some clothes, goods and services for recovery, it is financial support that will be most needed by these individuals over the next few months. If you wish to contribute to our efforts, please donate to the Residents & Staff fund now.


All of the money received will be distributed to current Harbin residents and employees — split evenly, regardless of job or title — after October 10, when Harbin can no longer guarantee further paychecks to those no longer employed here. (Staff who have financial support outside of Harbin can volunteer to refuse the donation, sharing it with all others. Donations received after the initial distribution will continue to be dispensed.) Recipients will be able to use the money to address their most immediate, essential needs.


We are sure there will be opportunities to donate to the recovery and rebuilding of Harbin Hot Springs infrastructure and buildings in the future, but the most pressing needs at this time exist with our people. Some guests are donating what they might have spent on their next retreat at Harbin, or more.


To donate online using Paypal, click here or on the link below. (You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. See link at bottom of donation page.)


Checks may be made out to “Heart Consciousness Church Residents and Staff”, and mailed to: WestAmerica Bank, 1110 Washington St., Calistoga, CA 94515.


Donations are tax deductible; check with your accountant. Heart Consciousness Church is a 501(c)3 organization; tax ID is 23-7422390.  Check with your employer to see if they will match/double your donation.

Please donate before October 10, after which the fund will be distributed.


Thank you for expressing your gratitude to the residents and staff of Harbin Hot Springs, and acknowledging their years of service to our guests and our mission.






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