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Dear Harbin Friends and Family,

Missing the Spirit? Perhaps you have come to realize, more than a year after the loss of Harbin Hot Springs to the Valley Fire, that our facility was more than its buildings, pools, people and programs. We, too, deeply miss the vibrant and healing synergy that was the unique combination of you, the land, the spring waters and other dear aspects of our Sanctuary. The sum of our parts was a great and palpable Spirit. Perhaps you feel the loss of this spirit and freedom in your lives just as we do. Harbin was nurtured and cultivated by you and others who appreciated the precious respite that we offered to a tired, toxic and busy world for over 40 years. Would you show your intention to help restore this Sanctuary by making a donation to our efforts toward rebirth and renewal? Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation to Harbin Hot Springs and the Heart Consciousness Church.

Give the Gift of a Year ~ perhaps the amount you would have spent during the past year had we not burned down?


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In this way, you will put your shoulder to the wheel along with us, so that an extraordinary alternative to modern material life can be reborn; so that this model of a conscious, loving, spiritual community can keep its eyes on the stars and its arms open wide to the tens of thousands like you who rely on us for community, rejuvenation and a connection to nature and self.


Relying on Friends!
Another realization we have had is that in crisis there can be a tendency to forget about people whose lives we have touched and impacted. You and other guests made this abundantly clear by impressing us with your letters and generous gifts to residents and staff members.


In Harbin’s long history, we’ve never relied on asking for financial assistance. We successfully adopted a go-it-alone attitude in our efforts to serve you. It wasn’t until after the fire that we thought to ask the wider community to lend support on behalf of our residents and staff, and you responded with a generosity that was both touching and caring.


Today we face a different, yet daunting challenge. Harbin has been closed for over a year and we will not be able to reopen for New Year’s as we had hoped.


Though we’ve been working tirelessly on many fronts, we face obstacles from the weather, county permitting and the complications of running multiple complex projects simultaneously. These delays push back our Phase 1 opening until sometime in Spring 2017. It could be longer if we are visited by other unforeseen hurdles.


This means we will have had 18 months (and potentially more) without income, and it is because of this unsustainable pace we seek your support – a donation to our efforts toward rebirth. Please click on the Donate buttons above to make your donation.


Thank you so much for your care and love.
Founder of Harbin



To contact us about donating, please email or call 707-295-0613.

Please be sure to check our Community News page and our blog “The Post“to keep up to date on the progress.

Thank you for your generosity!



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