With Harbin currently closed, many of the excellent practitioners who worked here are available for sessions in the Middletown area, or neighboring communities. Check out this listing maintained by a Harbin resident, and reach out to these talented professionals for outstanding bodywork.





Massage and other health treatments available at Harbin focus on touch from a place of love and respect. For many of our practitioners, massage is not only a profession, but also a spiritual practice. This distinction brings a dimension and purpose to each and every treatment — one that you will rarely find at a typical “spa” or “resort.” Perhaps it is the reason why so many guests consider their sessions to be the highlight of their visit to our retreat center.


Appointments may be made by phoning or visiting the Health Services office, located in the Redwood building just below the pool area. We suggest that you call us ahead of your visit (up to one month in advance) to help assure the availability of the treatment of your choice at a convenient time. (If you are interested in visiting us for a massage or Watsu® without using Harbin’s guest facilities, please call in advance for details.)
Prepayment is necessary to reserve your time, so please have a credit card number ready when you phone, or payment ready when scheduling in person.
Cancellation or Rescheduling must be done 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time to avoid charges. You must contact the Health Services office independently from your room reservation cancellation or rescheduling.


Massage Appointments:

(707) 987-0422 

California toll-free: 1-800-884-3117
Massage Office hours are 8:30 AM to 7 PM (to 8 PM Fri-Sat), Pacific Standard Time.



Basic Rates
Including Breema, Cranio-Sacral, Embodiment, Healing Dance® (above water), Lymphatic, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Watsu®. Click here for descriptions.  

1/2 Hour – $45

1 Hour – $80

1-1/2 Hours – $115


Special Services Rates
Including Acupuncture, Advanced Acupressure, Aquatic Energywork, Chiropractic, Deep Tissue, Energy Work, Fluidics, Healing Dance® (under water), Hot Stones Massage, Advanced Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Trager, Water Dance®. Click here for descriptions.
1/2 Hour – $53

1 Hour – $90

1-1/2 Hour – $130


Spa Services
All sessions listed below include a 30-minute massage; longer massage is available at additional cost. Click here for descriptions.
Hot Oil Scalp Treatment may be added to any package below for $12.
Aromatherapy Body Scrub: 1 hour – $85
Aromatherapy Face Treatment: 1 hour – $85
Aromatherapy Body Wrap: 1 hour-15 min. – $100
Body Scrub and Face Treatment: 1-1/2 hours – $120
Body Scrub and Wrap: 1-1/2 hours – $120

The “Ultimate” Spa Package:

Aromatherapy Body Scrub, Body Wrap, Massage, Face Treatment and Hot Oil Scalp Treatment: 2-1/2 hours – $205


Personal Retreat Services
Combined bodywork session and custom retreat planning consultation (approx. 70% bodywork). Click here for description.
1-1/2 hours – $115

2 hours – $160


Bodywork or Watsu® Instruction for Couples
A private 1-1/2 hour session devoted to one of the following modalities of your choice: Massage, Shiatsu, Energy Work, or Watsu®. Click here for description.
1-1/2 hours – $170 ($85 per person)

2 hours – $250 ($120 per person)


Massage Visit

If you wish to come on Harbin property for the sole purpose of receiving a one-hour or 1-1/2 hour massage, call in advance to make an appointment. You will be asked to purchase a 6-hour or 24-hour pass when you arrive at the gate. If you exit the property in less than 90 minutes (in addition to your massage appointment time) you may request a refund for the 6-hour or 24-hour pass at the gate. Use the free 90 minutes as you wish… park, soak, sun, eat or shop.


Massage Appointments:

(707) 987-0422 

California toll-free: 1-800-884-3117
Massage Office hours are 8:30 AM to 7 PM (to 8 PM Fri-Sat), Pacific Standard Time.



Watsu® is a registered service mark assigned to Harold Dull.


Call 707-987-2477

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