Month: September 2015

Federal Disaster Relief

Today, President Obama declared a major disaster for the areas affected by the Valley fire.  This will release federal funding to help the individual victims as well as state and local government. Individual assistance includes grants for temporary housing, home repairs and uninsured-property losses, etc. This is very good news for many Harbin residents, especially those who lost housing. Thanks, President Obama!

Harbin Resident Update

The news of the Valley fire has spread worldwide. We Harbin residents and employees, nearly 300 of us, have had to leave our sacred land. We left so quickly many people only had the clothes on their backs, some of our animals were left behind. 


Harbin Mainside
Harbin Mainside
As images have been trickling in it is hard to imagine the damage of our beautiful Harbin Hot Springs. The Managers and Ishvara have been working nearly around the clock to take care of the people and insurance information, many residents are at the local Red Cross Shelters.
Life at the shelter is not easy, however we find solace in one another. Many of our Health Services staff, as well as many local volunteers, have set up a Body care tent, offering free massage and Acupuncture. Our Head Minister has been offering a daily sharing circle which has been so healing for many of us. Many other Harbin ministers and local Chaplains are also on site. They have set up a designated quiet tent, for prayer and meditation. Additionally, the out pouring of love and prayers from all of you, our treasured guests and friends has been very heartwarming.
Please know, dear guest, Harbin will rebuild. Our little Oasis, our sacred space will once again rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and will welcome you with open arms. We will be updating this blog frequently to keep you updated on our progress.

No Access Yet

We are very sorry that we cannot provide an update on the conditions on our property, structures, or animals at this time. Although some Lake County residents have been allowed to briefly visit their property, fire officials are still refusing to allow us to enter the Harbin valley due to very dangerous conditions, including falling trees, bridge destruction, down power lines, etc.


As you can imagine, this is incredibly frustrating for us, especially after viewing videos and photographs posted online by individuals who trespassed on our property. Authorities will be arresting anyone attempting to enter the area, or crossing CHP blockades.


We have not been given an estimation on when we may visit for our initial inspection. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to gain safe access to our home, and will immediately report on our finding here, and on our Facebook page.

What we know at this time

Harbin Hot Springs was evacuated on Saturday afternoon, just before the Valley Fire advanced into our main valley. Although an official tally is underway, we have good reason to believe that all guests and residents were off property when the wildfire hit. This is a miracle, and a testament to our staff and guests who reacted swiftly in an unprecedented and dangerous situation.


Current efforts are focused on the well-being of our residents and local staff, as many of us have lost our homes and possessions. Once we leave the area shelters and are allowed to return to the area, financial support will be the most pressing need for individuals. We ask guests and friends to check this website or our Facebook page to receive updates on places that can process donations.


Photos and video have circulated online showing the destruction of the main retreat buildings, and the area is unrecognizable. That said, it appears that the historic pools still exist. Beyond that, we cannot confirm specifics or estimate damages until we are allowed to return ourselves.


Obviously, Harbin is closed until further notice, and all future reservations have been canceled. For security and safety reasons, please do not attempt to visit Harbin now. Local authorities will be detaining any trespassers, as this is private property, and is still our home.


Our retreat center is one of the oldest hot springs of its kind in California, and it has risen from the ashes of fires in the past. Those who have visited Harbin know that it has always been much more than a collection of wooden structures. As a result, there has been an incredible outpouring of support for our community, and generous offers to help us rebuild. Our church and community have been stewards of this land for more than 40 years, and we plan to continue in our service here for years to come.


This is an emotional time for us, and those who love this place. For now, we ask our friends to visualize one of their favorite “Harbin moments” from a past retreat — a massage, workshop, meal, yoga class, hike, temple meditation or hot spring soak — and take a deep breath. Please know that we are confident that Harbin Hot Springs can move forward with your prayers, support, and encouragement.

Contact Information

Middletown and Harbin will likely remain closed to non-emergency personnel for a few days, with the governor issuing a state of emergency for Lake & Napa counties. Until that time, we have no specific reports on damage to our center.


Harbin’s focus right now is to make sure that our residents and employees have shelter, food, and are safely out of harm’s way. Many of us are staying at friends’ homes in the bay area, while others are housed at the evacuation centers in Calistoga and Kelseyville.
— We are trying to coordinate a contact list, but for now, the best way to reach residents is by mobile phone numbers or e-mail contact info you already have.
— We will eventually coordinate a drop-off location for donations of needed items for residents, but until then, check the Lake County EOS page at for suggestions.
— Harbin residents with specific needs are encouraged to post here:
They may also want to check the private resident FB page.


We appreciate your well wishes, but please do not overwhelm the sites above with non-essential posts. Thanks!

Major Wildfire — Harbin Evacuated

A wildfire forced evacuation of Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, and neighboring areas on 9/12. All reservations have been cancelled. (If you were evacuated during your stay, watch here for info on refunds.) We will not have information on damage to our center until the fire is under control and residents are allowed to return. Please send your prayers to local residents and the fire crews.

Check here for official fire updates.
Click here for Lake Co Office of Emergency Services

Call 707-987-2477

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