Month: January 2016

Meeting with Architects

We laughed, we cried, we got to use fancy magic markers…over the last two days an extended circle of the Harbin management team had the opportunity to engage with the architects from Mithun in a design process called a Charrette (think highly organized brainstorm session). There was a quick recognition between Harbin and Mithun that we shared similar ideals about listening to the land and sustainability (and that we all just liked each other). This seemed to create an immediate trust bond within the room. We were informed that it “often takes months” for clients to reach the level of vulnerability and openness that we established within the first few hours. Later in the day, while reviewing some primitive sketches with Harbin residents, the Harbin contingent broke out into rounds of applause. The lead architect smiled and reflected on our unique enthusiasm: “no one ever claps at these things.”charrette123

The what, the where and the why…

In thinking of a recreation of Harbin, naturally the focus centers on the physical aspect of buildings, landscape and layout; determining the What and the Where to put it. Though these considerations are absolutely crucial and on our minds constantly, it is so encouraging to shift thought from the What and the Where to the Why… Thank you Renee Marie for reminding us of this in your beautiful, vulnerable message and allowing us to repost it. To help recreate a culture that can contribute to healing of this type recalls to us a large part of what we are building for.

The Past Into The Future

2016 promises to be a year of many choices for Harbin. The decisions, plans and projects initiated now will determine how Harbin will serve its wider community for decades to come.

In this brief moment, before all the wheels start spinning and the sketches are drawn up, please help us set an intention; an intention to be guided in our choices by deep listening, clarity, transparency, healing wisdom, sustainability, human potential, human kindness and the land itself. Thank you.

As we head into a phase of visioning for Harbin’s future, we find it helpful to look over your comments, postings and emails (keep them coming) about how guests and residents engaged the Harbin environment. Some strong themes emerge; a profound sense of relaxation, self-acceptance, shedding of body shame, personal growth, the wisdom of nature and the ability to center. Here’s to carrying the best of our past into the future.

Wishing you a year of exciting choices and good decisions!! Happy New Year.

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