Harbin Hot Springs is a quiet and rustic retreat center designed primarily for adults. Our goal is to preserve a restful retreat atmosphere for all of our guests, so please familiarize yourself with the following rules, as they are strictly enforced.


– Children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. We highly recommend that at least two adults arrive prepared to take turns supervising a child, freeing each other to enjoy a soak, massage, meditation or other activities.

– A reservation or pre-check-in may not be booked solely for a child. A child’s visit must be part of another adult’s reservation.

– Much of Harbin is a construction zone, so parents should be especially vigilant around active projects or equipment.


– Children are allowed in the Mainside area from 10AM to 8PM in the summer months, or 10AM to sundown in the winter. This includes the pools, sundecks and dressing area.

– Children may only use the heart-shaped pool and large swimming pool.

– Children are not allowed in the warm pool, hot pools, cold plunges or the sauna/ steam rooms.

– Children not toilet-trained must wear plastic pants.

– Please…no screaming or diving. We expect you to monitor your children’s behavior at all times.


– Families may enjoy their overnight stay in designated areas away from Mainside.

– We offer very limited lodging options for families, because they are limited, we recommend reserving them well in advance of your stay.

If you have questions or concerns about our policies for families, please contact the Reception office (9am – 5pm), or security personnel after hours.