The world needs Harbin, now more than ever.


Now more than ever, people need what Harbin offers: a safe, relaxing refuge from the ever-increasing traumas of our time.


Harbin is unique. It makes an effective and noticeable difference in the lives of virtually all who come here. People find peace, acceptance, pleasure, renewal… and the inspiration to share their life-affirming experiences and learning with others.


Harbin can offer all of that again – but first we have to finish preparing it to reopen.


Please make a donation. Now is the time to help.


We’ve come so far already. We’ve cleared our burned land, and begun significant reforestation; replaced and upgraded vital infrastructure; nearly completed rebuilding and improving our pools and sundecks; improved our camping and Groves cabins; and arranged temporary structures for massage, food, and more.


Healing waters, sacred land, conscious community.


For more than 40 years, Harbin has been one of the world’s most beloved and vital centers for wellbeing, connection, and growth. And you can help us be all of that again.


Please make a donation now that will have a profoundly positive impact on many, many lives. Help bring back Harbin Hot Springs.


See photos of our rebuilding progress.


Learn about Harbin’s reforestation program.



For more information, call Harbin Managing Director Eric Richardson at 707-295-0613 or email, and he will be delighted to connect with you.

Harbin Hot Springs and the Heart Consciousness Church is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our EIN # is 23-7422390.


By making a recurring donation, Harbin Hot Springs can count on YOU, and it will be affordable for YOU to support this vital project.




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If you wish to cancel or change the frequency of your recurring donation, please log into your Pay Pal account, or contact us at: or 707-295-0613 and we will assist you.  You may also mail a donation directly to: Harbin Fundraising PO Box 782, Middletown CA 95461.  You can download a donation form here to print and include with your contribution.

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