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Last year, we began a multi-year reforestation program to restore Harbin’s beloved trees. We cleared much of the burned wood from our Mainside area, and planted 50,000 new Douglas-fir and ponderosa pines – without dousing Harbin’s land with the toxic herbicide that other reforestation plans use. In the next phase of our program, we’re hoping to plant another 50,000 new trees, primarily around our Mainside area and in the hills surrounding Harbin canyon. And we are inviting you to help! Your contribution now will help us purchase high-quality seedlings, and pay for the labor to access and prepare the burned areas for planting, to plant the trees, prevent competing weeds without chemicals, and revisit the seedlings in the future to ensure their continuing growth. Please sponsor new Harbin trees now – and help us surround Harbin with your love! Click here for more details about Harbin’s reforestation program.


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Tree Donation Options
Click here for more details about Harbin’s reforestation program.

These Harbin hills, once green and full of life, will have difficulty to recover.  Please help us transform our landscape by making a donation toward our reforestation project and surround Harbin with love and trees.

Whether you sponsor a single seedling or a whole acre of new Harbin forest (or more!), your loving donation will help us to re-tree Harbin’s landscape, maintain its clean air, protect its soil and water, support its wildlife, and preserve its safe, peaceful, beautiful ecosystem for decades to come.



Wear your enthusiasm for re-foresting Harbin!

With our new shirts, you can look good and support the restoration and re-beautification of Harbin’s land. Because with each Tree shirt you buy, the profits help us fund the cleanup and replanting of our fire-scarred forests.

Click here to go to our page at and order your shirt for $30. Thank you for helping surround Harbin with trees and love.

There are two styles to choose from: women’s tanks, and unisex Ts – both Fair Trade certified and made in the USA. The unisex Ts are 100% cotton, in olive green; the women’s tanks are a 50/25/25 polyester/cotton/rayon blend, in emerald green. And both support and promote Harbin’s reforestation campaign, with a graphic variation of Harbin’s logo that tells everyone you’re SURROUNDING HARBIN WITH TREES AND LOVE.


Will you please help us do just that – and help us spread the word about our reforestation program? Enjoy a new Harbin T-shirt, and style yourself a Harbin Re-Forester today!



A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sponsor shade trees around Harbin’s pools.

Mainside Premier Tree Map

big tree stump by warm pool
Future tree site next to the Meditation Pool


With Harbin’s reforestation program, we are planting many thousands of baby pines and firs to replace those burned in the Valley Fire. Heartbreakingly, in addition to our hillside forests, we also lost all the big shade trees that grew around Harbin’s pools. And it’s time to replace them.


We’re looking for angels now to sponsor ten adolescent deciduous trees in carefully chosen, specific growing sites around our pools and sundeck. Included among these are four premier locations: two trees flanking the warm pool, and two between the heart and swimming pools.


If you are thinking about making a major gift to Harbin, and are inspired by the idea of one that will be seen and have a meaningful benefit to every Harbin visitor for decades and generations to come – please consider funding these Mainside shade trees now, while they are still available for sponsorship. Call or email us so we can share with you the specifics and options, and discuss your thoughts on such an impactful gift, including naming opportunities.


For more information, call Harbin Managing Director Eric Richardson at 707-295-0613 or email, and he will be delighted to connect with you.


Thank you so much for your help. 


Harbin Hot Springs and the Heart Consciousness Church is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our EIN # is 23-7422390.




By making a recurring donation, Harbin Hot Springs can count on YOU, and it will be affordable for YOU to support this vital project.




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If you wish to cancel or change the frequency of your recurring donation, please log into your Pay Pal account, or contact us at: or 707-295-0613 and we will assist you.  You may also mail a donation directly to: Harbin Fundraising PO Box 782, Middletown CA 95461.  You can download a donation form here to print and include with your contribution.

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