Harbin is closed, so massage services are currently unavailable.


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As a result of the Valley Fire on September 12, 2015, nearly fifty practitioners offering massage and aquatic therapy at Harbin Health Services have lost their workplace and many have had to relocate.


This contact list has been collected as a way to support the practitioners and any guests who would like to contact them for services while Harbin is closed.


Please note that Harbin is providing this contact list as a courtesy for our former practitioners and guests. These practitioners are not under any contract with Harbin. Harbin is not responsible for any communications and transactions that may be contracted as a result of this list.


Alaya Babineau: (707) 295-9802; alaya.babineau@gmail.com
Arpita Ohsiek: (707) 295-6096; raitharpita@yahoo.com
Aquiana (Diane) Tulley: (707) 264-9744; dianetulley@gmail.com
Kevin Asher Eyanu: (831) 332-8376
Bess Donahue: (707) 889-3507; bessdonahue@gmail.com
Chandrika (Lauren Leary): (707) 355-0831
Christina Delfina: (707) 921-9427; Christina.mandala@gmail.com
Clairez Muskopf: aquatic.clairez@gmail.com
Colleen Roberts: www.waterspiritsmassage.com
Daveed (David Tiriakian): (707) 812-0451; deeppresencemassage@gmail.com; www.deeppresencemassage.com
DeAnn Duteil: delight1960@yahoo.com
Diane Tegtmeier: (707) 987-2825; dianeteg@gmail.com; www.dianetegtmeier.com
Deleena Dietlinde Williams: (530) 913-0556; Deleenaheart@gmail.com
Gloria Cox: (707) 987-3258; gloe.cox@gmail.com
Iona Heart: (707) 478-4126
Inika Spence: (707) 535-9757; inikasati@gmail.com
Janelle Moco: (707) 295-0465
Jim Gilkeson: (707) 696-2768; jgilkesn@earthlink.netwww.jimgilkeson.com
Penny Milton: (707) 295-8890
Sara Kealani: (858) 452-8859; Sara.Kealani@gmail.com
Kecia Joy: (808) 344-1912; Keciamaui@gmail.com
Keith Chatham: (808) 937-5274; www.waterspiritsmassage.com
Sama Morningstar (aka Jessica Todd): (707) 530-1204; samananda108@gmail.com; www.samamorningstar.com
Samveda: (707) 799-1380; yoyo002@126.com
Sarah Tae: (415) 797-8299; www.heartofacupuncture.com
Satyaa Rose: (707) 331-6373
Shanna Casey: (831) 332-5406, shannashanti@gmail.com
Sunheart: (707) 350-0920
Tara Hillman: (707) 718-2213; lotusratio@gmail.com
Tracy Kramer: (510) 228-7229; tkcozmo@gmail.com
Venus: (707) 350-0920

Call 707-987-2477

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