construction icon Hiking Trail Cautions

Hiking at Harbin is currently limited to a reduced portion of our roads and former trails. This is because we are still working to
– remove dead trees and other debris from the 2015 fire
– to protect many fire-bared hillsides from unchecked erosion
– safeguard the watershed
– reclaim precious wildlife habitat
– complete a multi-year project of managed reforestation.

Many of the new trails you see that look like interesting hiking, are actually service roads and access paths for our worker crews. Some of these are quite steep, and all of them are fragile and prone to dangerous erosion. Unless a trail is clearly marked, it is NOT for our guests to use.

Please stay completely away from all posted and un-posted construction and reforestation areas, projects, equipment, and workers. We understand that you might be curious; but we ask that you please contain your curiosity, and give wide berth to disturbed and recovering land, potentially dangerous equipment, and everyone who has a job to do: working hard to fully restore Harbin as quickly as possible. We ask your complete cooperation with this very important request, and thank you for your understanding.

Mountain lion safety - Mountain lions may be found in this area. Lions typically hut between dusk and dawn. In the rare case of an encounter: face lion, back away slowly, do not run. Appear large, raise arms, open jacket, shout. Keep children close, pick up children without bending. If attacked, fight back.


Poison oak information. To avoid poison oak: Stay on trails and wash thoroughly with a non-oily soap after a walk. If contacted, wash the area with mud or dry earth immediately. Soda solutions, alkaline lotions, epson salts and non oily soaps may be helpful. Avoid using the pools.