Quick Phase 1 Update

Since our announcement last month of a fall 2016 opening, we have been striving on many fronts to get ready for  the 12823235_10153984949834324_8801872846851299895_oPhase 1 rebuild.

Pools:  Harbin has submitted a number of plans to the county for necessary renovations to the pool area.  We recently had two of these plans approved.  These renovations include a total rebuild and renovation of the Harbin pool’s pump room and a large retaining wall on the hillside just above the swimming pool. Work on these projects are underway.

Environment: Ground crews are working hard to remove “biomass” from Mainside and adjacent areas.  The work they’ve done has had a very dramatic effect on the visual appearance of the Mainside landscape.   Though at times it is difficult to come to terms with amount of tree loss, the work being performed now sets the stage for future regrowth.

Harbin Design Layout:  Harbin Management has been working (and reworking) the puzzle of facility placement of Phase 1 services.  They have also been in heavy consultation with our architects (Mithun) for Phase 3 design layout.  As soon as we can provide visuals we will post them.

Back to the build…

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