Blue Room Cafe
Open 7am – 8pm

COFFEE: organic and locally roasted:
                                dbl          quad
espresso               $3.50    $5.00
16oz.     20oz.
latte                       $5.50    $6.00
mocha                  $6.00    $6.50
cappuccino         $5.25    $5.75
americano           $3.50    $5.00
house drip           $3.50    $4.00
cold brew            $5.50    $6.00

$.so extra for almond, oat, coconut, or half & half
$2 extra for healthy high boost
$.50 extra per flavor
$1 to add a shot

Make any drink iced or blended.

TEAS: organic apothecary:  16oz.     20oz.
healthy high latte              $6.50    $7.00
chai latte                              $5.50    $6.00
golden mylk house-made  $5.50    $6.00
organic tea sachet            $4.00
fresh turmeric or ginger shooter: 2oz @2.00 4oz. $4.00


mango lassi $8
mango, mango juice, coconut milk, cardamom, vanilla, greek or cashew yogurt

tropical $8
tropical coconut milk, pineapple, mango, banana, orange juice

green dream $10
avocado, celery, fresh greens, mango, coconut water, orange juice

pink dragon $8
dragon fruit, mango, pineapple, coconut water

hippy hippy $10
bananas, dates, almond butter, cinnamon, vanilla, almond milk

boosters $2 each

raw cheezecake $10
of the day, always vegan, gluten free

chia pudding $8
coconut milk, chia seeds, maple syrup, fresh berries

hit the trail cookie $4
raw vegan cacoa chai spiced

our famous muffin $4
of the day, always vegan, gluten free

Ice cream
one scoop $4
two scoops $6

bliss ball $2
raw vegan nuts, dates, lemon, cacoa

Rowdy Kombucha $7
Izzy $3
San Pallegrino $3
Guyaki $5
Orange Juice $6
Coconut Water $3