Illustration of two bears dancing in the woods with the words Dancing Bear Cafe arching over the trees.

8am – 11am

granola or oats bowl $12
gluten free house made granola or steamy steel cut oatmeal, greek or cashew yogurt,
fresh berries, add golden milk $2.
avocado toast $10
choice of bread, avocado, local sprouts, seed sprinkles
huevos rancheros $16
corn tortilla, fresh salsa, beans,
two eggs, cheese, avocado, sour cream
dragon gate omelet $16
three egg omelet, cheese, mushrooms, fresh greens with choice of homestyle potatoes or steamed veggies (contains dairy)
breakfast a la carte
two eggs, your way $6 chicken sausage $6
gluten free toast $5 half avocado $4
sprouted wheat toast $4 whole avocado $6
toasted bagel $4 rice, quinoa or beans $6
butter & jam $2 homestyle potatoes $6
cream cheese $2 steamed veggies $6

11am – 4pm

closed 4pm-5pm

dbc burrito bowl or wrap $18
brown rice, black beans, cheese*, avocado, pico de gallo, fresh greens, cilantro, southwest spicy lime dressing in a whole wheat wrap or in a bowl
macro bowl $18
adzuki beans, quinoa or brown rice, pickled veggies (carrots, daikon, red onions), avocado, local sprouts, fresh greens, nori strips, seed sprinkles, fresh ginger dressing
little italy $16
fresh mozarella*, tomato, artichoke hearts, olives, fresh greens, basil, crispy crostini and a balsamic drizzle
cobb mountain $18
grilled chicken*, hard boiled egg*, feta*, cucumber, tomato, red onion and zesty avocado dressing on a bed of lettuce, brown rice, quinoa or a mix of all three
teahouse tuna $24
seared ahi tuna* with a Thai style cold rice noodle salad, napa cabbage, pickled veggies, avocado, sesame seeds and wasabi dipping sauce
phoenix $18
whole wheat wrap or ciabatta roll, brie*, turkey breast*, cucumber, red onion, fresh greens and apricot sriracha marmalade
fig leaf platter $16
daily hummus, house-made fig & seed crackers (GF), fresh greens, cucumber, carrots, tomato and artichoke hearts
soup of the day
veggie $9
chicken $11

*ask your cashier for vegan substitutes