Many guests find the experience of the water, the land and the peaceful atmosphere throughout our property to be deeply transformative. If you are visiting for the first time or if you haven’t visited since before the fire in 2015, you might wonder what to expect. Here is some helpful information.


Our ambiance is rustic and services are limited. Please note that Harbin Hot Springs is clothing optional.

  • Parking & Vehicle Access
    Parking near mainside is limited. Please expect an uphill walk to the pool area. Only guests with displayed ADA Parking Permits are allowed to drive up to or park near the pool area.
  • Accessibility at Pools
    Our guests with disabilities will find the improved accessibility at the pool area much more accommodating than before 2015. See the Pools page for details.
  • Personal Storage
    There is currently one area at the pools for storing your personal property and protecting it from sun and rain. Please plan to lock your food and all valuables (including cameras, computers, tablets, phones, and all electronic wearables) in your vehicle.
  • More Sun
    The fire left us with less shade and far fewer indoor spaces where you can escape the weather. Please bring what you will need to protect yourself appropriately from the elements, including sunscreen, a hat, protective clothing, and rain gear during the wet season.
  • Food Options
    Bring meals or a picnic, or enjoy The Dancing Bear Café, Harbin’s food café and picnic pavilion that is available to our guests. There are also dining options a short drive to town. See the Food Options page for details. Camp stoves or other cooking devices (or flames of any sort) are not permitted anywhere on Harbin property.
  • Hiking Trails
    We have many trails to explore. See the Hiking page for details.
  • Vehicle Length Limit of 24′
    Our parking and turn-around areas are few and small. We need to limit vehicle size for access and safety reasons. The length of your vehicle may not exceed 24’ and 2 axles. Pre-registration is required for guests who plan to visit with a trailer. A Travel Trailer alone is able to be 24’ without the vehicle attached. We do not count the length of the vehicle pulling a travel trailer but you will be asked to detach it from your vehicle.
  • Construction Sites
    Many portions of our property are active construction sites, with outside contractors, equipment and personnel moving about. We try to announce any foreseeable projects at the link on our Reservation page, but guests should not be surprised to encounter construction noise or disruptions during their stay.

Reservations & Check-In

  • You have the option of making a lodging reservation online, or by phone. Reservations are currently required for all visits. Rates for online or phone reservations, or for walk-in, are the same. See Rates & Reservation page.
  • Check-in location. Most times of the day, you will pass the front kiosk and follow signs to our registration area, which is located in the main parking lot. Please park here temporarily while you check in at our reception office.
  • Guest Agreements. Please review our rules prior to arrival.


Harbin Canyon

Map of Harbin Canyon shows the two main roads. Upon entry, the road to the left of the Kiosk leads to the pool area, the road to the right leads to the Grove Cottages, Meadow Tenting, Creekside Caravans and Harbin Domes. Both roads connect for entry to the Reception Office. Assistance is available for transportation to locations at Harbin. Please ask a staff member for detailed information.

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Rates, Reservations (Lodging) & Pre-Check-In

To change, cancel or get assistance with Reservations or Pre-Check-In, call 707-987-2477 (9 am to 8 pm)

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