-2 6-Hour Day Visits - Harbin Hot Springs Retreat Center

6-Hour day visit passes are currently available Monday-Friday only (excluding holidays) and reservations are required. To visit on a weekend or holiday, please purchase the 24-Hour visit pass.


Due to COVID-19 our facilities capacity has been substantially reduced from pre COVID times. Because of reduced capacity we become full at much lower numbers. Before you head to Harbin for a “6-Hour” visit, especially if you are traveling long distances, please make an online reservation or call at 707-987-2477 to make your reservation by phone. It is our intention to go back to ‘walk ins’ when county and state sufficiently ease COVID related restrictions.


Day visitors may check-in at our reception office any time between 9am and 8pm, and enjoy Harbin for 6 hours after arrival, or until 12 midnight (whichever comes first). Come and go from the property as often as you wish during this time. See the Your Retreat section to discover the facilities and activities available to you throughout your stay.


See Rates & Reservations page for additional details.


Map of Harbin Canyon shows the two main roads. Upon entry, the road to the left of the Kiosk leads to the pool area, the road to the right leads to the Grove Cottages, Meadow Tenting, Creekside Caravans and Harbin Domes. Both roads connect for entry to the Reception Office.


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Rates, Reservations (Lodging) & Pre-Check-In

To change, cancel or get assistance with Reservations or Pre-Check-In, call 707-987-2477 (9 am to 8 pm)

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