There is nothing quite like an impromptu retreat at Harbin, and our 6-Hour Visit option lets you indulge frequently, whenever the spirit moves. You get the same access to our facilities and activities as overnight guests, but in a compressed time and affordable cost.


Day visitors may check-in at our reception office any time between 9am and 8pm, and enjoy Harbin for 6 hours after arrival, or until 12 midnight (whichever comes first). Come and go from the property as often as you wish during this time. See the Your Retreat section to discover the facilities and activities available to you throughout your stay.


Reservations are not required, and “walk-ins” are welcome. But if you complete Pre-Check-In online, you will enjoy quicker check-in upon arrival.


(Monthly Day Visit Passes are available for those who visit frequently. Please contact our Reception manager for more information at 707-987-2477 x1003 or email


See Rates & Reservations page for additional details.



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Rates, Reservations (Lodging) & Pre-Check-In

To change, cancel or get assistance with Reservations or Pre-Check-In, call 707-987-2477 (9 am to 8 pm)

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