Dome 3 #30 Upstairs

Dome 3 #30 Upstairs: (KING SIZED BED) GEODESIC SHAPED DOME. Double occupancy. (Mini Kitchenette) Has a microwave, mini fridge and tea kettle and 2 mugs. Shared bathrooms with dome 40 and downstairs of dome 3. Showers are downstairs under 30. Has two sitting chairs with coffee table, a writing desk, two bedside tables and two lamps. Natural echo occurs with dome shape.
Weekdays $202 / Weekends and Holidays $250


interior of large geodesic dome with a bed , chairs, coffeetable and sunlight coming through triangle shaped windows

Interior of large dome room with chairs, coffee table and desk and chair

bed inside large geodesic dome room

interior of dome room with chairs and a coffee table, desk in the background by a door. In the background nearby sits a small fridge, microwave, and teapot