Dome 4 #42

Dome 4 #42: GEODESIC SHAPED DOME. Slightly larger than #41. This very small room allows only 1 person with a single bed and a chair. Has AC. There is no space for a blow up air mattress.
Weekdays $105 / Weekends & Holidays $125


Unique shaped interior dome room with an antique chair in the corner, a small antique decorative side table holding a towel and large triangle shaped windows.

A twin bed in the corner of a unique shaped interior room of a dome. There are 3 triangle windows. A chair, the twin bed and a small side table fill the small rooom.

A hallway in the unique shaped interior of the dome leads to 3 doors. The view is looking out from room 42. The door is open and the number 42 is on the door.

Angular shaped shared bathroom showing toilet, sink and large window.Dome 4 Shared Bathroom