Dome 5 Room #52 (Top Floor)

Dome 5 Room #52 (Top Floor): GEODESIC SHAPED DOME. FULL SHARED KITCHEN & FULL BATHROOM W/BATH. HAS SHARED OVAL SITTING/READING SPACE. FULL BED!! Room #52 is the top floor room, two floors from the bathroom and kitchen. Skinny spiral staircase to top room. Full bed. One night stand, one chair & desk.
Weekdays $185 / Weekends & Holidays $205


Unique shaped room atop the dome with a large circular window and rectangle windows looking out towards the hills. View is from across bed towards window
Interior of unique shaped room with large windows and a bed. In the center is a circular structure surrounding the spiral stairscase, the entrance to this room.
View across bed in this unique shaped room with large windows in the background. A coat rack is in the back of the room behind the structure that surrounds the spiral staircase which goes down to exit the room.