Dome 5 Rooms #51 and #53

Dome 5 Rooms #51 &#53: GEODESIC SHAPED DOME. FULL SHARED KITCHEN & FULL BATHROOM w/BATHTUB. HAS SHARED OVAL SITTING/READING SPACE. FULL BEDS!! Room #51 & #53 are on the second floor, one staircase from the kitchen and bathroom on the bottom floor. Both are double occupancy with a closet.
Weekdays $185 / Weekends & Holidays $205

Room 51

Interior dome shaped room large triangle shaped windows, bed, chair in the corner and desk and chair against the wall

Interior room in dome with bed, bedside table, desk and chair and large windows. Unique wall shelfing with cutout shaped circles is in the background.

Large triangle windows on the dome shaped wall are above the bed with purple comforter and gold pillow. Two antique bedside tables with unique lamps sit by the bed.



Room 53

Looking across the bed towards the dome shaped interior wall. There is a chair in the background and a decorative side table with a rolled towel beneath large triangle windows. A closet door is open in the background.

Full size bed in interior dome shaped room.