Many people find making a gift of securities to be both easy and often financially beneficial. Stock gifts are valued based on the mean price of the stock on the date of the gift. No capital gain taxes are due on stock that is gifted to Harbin Hot Springs. However, it is important to follow some simple steps to expedite the transfer of the stock to Harbin Hot Springs.
If you would like to transfer shares electronically, please:
  1. Complete the Stock Transfer Form  and email it to us at fundraising@harbin,org or fax it to 707-987-0616.
  2. Provide your broker with the Stock Transfer Information on the Stock Transfer Form.
    You must be sure the broker does not simply sell the stock and then transfer the proceeds. Such a step triggers a taxable transaction for you. If you have the stock certificate, please simply send the certificate(s) to:
    Harbin Hot Springs
    P.O. Box 782
    Middletown, California, USA, 95461
  3. Do not sign the certificate(s).
  4. Rather, sign a blank stock power form (provided by your broker’s office or, a bank) and then use the signed stock power form to receive a medallion signature from your bank.  The medallion signature is certification of your identity. After the stock power form has the medallion signature, mail the form to Harbin Hot Springs
  5. If your stock certificate is for more shares than you want to gift, Harbin Hot Springs will have the certificate split, re-issuing to you the number of shares you designate.



The tax identification number for Harbin Hot Springs is 23-7422390.
If you have any questions, please contact us:
Harbin Fundraising: 707-802-8684
Email: fundraising@harbin.org
Harbin Hot Springs, PO Box 782, Middletown, CA 95461;