Overview of the cold plunge. The pool water shows behind thick plants. In the background the stained glass roof of the hot pool shows behind a decorative railing of fig shaped leaves.
The interior hot pool view from the waterline shows the spring water entering through a decorative fish shaped metalwork spout. Above is a statue holding a plant. In the background is the decorative handmade railing and a window shines in light reflecting off the water.
Two feet are standing at the top of stairs leading into the cold plunge.
A person receives a health treatment in the therapy pool, being floated by the silouette of the practitioner. In the background windows let in light and plants are outside.
A person receives a massage while laying on the massage table. The room is decorated soft white with a red rose sitting on the table.
The Harbin Garden is filled with lush flowers and shrubs. Trees are in the background surrounding a semi-circle. People are sitting on the benches playing guitars and drums.
Three Domes are in the background, sphere shaped buildings with angular windows and wave shaped textures decorate the exterior of the unique shaped buildings. In the foreground is the Dome pool.
The two new Dome buildings are shaped like a
The cold plunge is surrounded by large fig trees. Benches with statues are on one side of the deck area.
Toast with sprouts and avocado with sprinkles of nuts on top.
The inside of a dome shaped Dome room has colorful purple and blue decor with a coffee table, large lounge chairs, a microwave and small fridge sit in the background. The triangle shaped windows let light into the bright room.
The swimming pool and Health Services pool are lit at night in a blue shade. A wooden shade structure lines one side with trees above it. The dark night sky is the background
The warm meditation pool has flower arrangements around one edge. The pool is empty and in the backgroun the hot pool shows with a decorative stained glass window in the roof.
A tent sits on a tent sized deck near the creek in the meadow area.
A wooden bench sits in the middle of the lush garden lawn. Flowers and trees are in the background. The sky is a vibrant blue with whit clouds.
People are swimming laps in the swimming pool. Trees and sunbathers are in the background with a wooden shade structure.
A beautiful tree with bright pink flowers on mainside greets guests entering the pool area.

Welcome to this sacred land and water...


The springs are flowing; the pools are shimmering; the land and wildlife are thriving. Reserve a few days for a well deserved return to nature. 

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Health Services

Schedule a massage appointment for your next visit. Sessions on land and in water are available. Learn about our different modalities here:

Health Services

Harbin's Pools

Our Mainside Pool Area features eight different spring-fed pools ranging from profoundly hot to chillingly cold, and perfectly in-between.

Harbin’s Pools

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Harbin Hot Springs is a rustic hot springs retreat, one of the oldest hot springs in California. It is owned by Heart Consciousness Church which operates Harbin as a spirit-oriented non-profit center. Our rural setting is 1700 acres of meadows, hills, canyons, and creeks, located north of San Francisco, about 30 minutes’ drive from the Napa Valley wine region, near Middletown.


triangle shaped construction icon showing icon type of person shape digging by a pile

Please be sure to check the Construction Disruptions page for details before your visit.


Reservations are currently required for all visits. Before you head towards Harbin please be sure to make a reservation at www.harbin.org/visit/ or call our Reception Office at 707-987-2477 (7 days a week from 9am-8pm). Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are currently limited to guests with 24-hour passes or room reservations. 6-hour passes are available Monday through Friday.

Make your Reservation online.

– Complete the Pre-Check-In before arrival.


Visit Health Services for massage modality and appointment information. Or call 1-707-987-2477 ext. 2000. Health Services office is open everyday from 9am to 9:30pm. Advance appointments are recommended but walk-ins are accepted.


For a list of our upcoming events please check the Events Calendar.


Rebuilding the Fern poolside dressing room and the steam sauna is an exciting and long awaited step. As we near completion of this project, please continue to plan on noise during the weekdays. The lower dressing room will be open and foot traffic will be redirected as needed. See photos of Harbin’s progress as we continue rebuilding from the 2015 Valley Fire.


While we do our best to anticipate and communicate to our guests upcoming construction disruptions, situations may arise that are simply beyond our control. As we enter this more extensive phase of rebuilding please be aware that power outages or other unplanned disruptions may occur from time to time. Thank you so much for your understanding.


Harbin Hot Springs strives to provide a safe retreat sanctuary for guests. We will not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. If you have any concerns or feedback, please email info@harbin.org.

View of the warm pool at night. The water is lit appearing blue and the background are fig trees and other plants lit decoratively and subtly by the poolside.

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Guests travel to Harbin Hot Springs to put aside their technology and busyness, and to relax in Harbin’s simply natural, quiet atmosphere; to enjoy clothing-optional sunbathing and soaking in our spring-fed pools; to take a sauna or receive bodywork treatments; to eat healthy food, hike in the hills, attend events, and more. In its most common form, ‘The Harbin Experience’ can be consciousness-altering and deeply transpersonal, with a feeling of unity, and mental and physical calmness. Many of our guests come to Harbin simply to be in a safe, peaceful place where all are equal and invited to share the calming and restorative embrace of nature.


While we do not wish to compete with fancy spas or resorts, we do hope to make your retreat as comfortable as possible. If you need something or have questions or concerns, please contact the reception desk or kiosk and we’ll do our best to make you feel at home.


Plan Your Retreat

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To change, cancel or get assistance with Reservations or Pre-Check-In, call 707-987-2477 (9 am to 8 pm)

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