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Membership is required by at least one person in your reservation party for admission to our non-profit retreat center. You will be issued a membership number for future visits. (If you were a member at the time of our closing on 9/12/15, any new membership charges be refunded upon request at check-in.)

One Month Trial: $10
One Year Membership: $30
Lifetime Membership: $300

Before your visit

Guest Rates

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For details, click the Info links below. Rates are the same for guests with or without reservations/pre-check-in. For indoor lodging on weekends and holidays, a 2-night minimum stay is required. Lodging that can accommodate children is limited, so reserve early.

Mon-Thu Fri-Sun, Holiday
6-Hour Visit (per adult)  Info
+Additional child
Over 6-Hour Visit (per adult)  Info
+Additional child
Creekside Caravan (double occupancy)  Info
+Additional child (limited avail.)
Grove Cottage (double occupancy)  Info
+Additional adult (one only)
+Additional child (two max.)


Before your visit

Reservations & Pre-Check-In

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Charges are the same for online or in-person check-in.
Reservations for Cottages or Caravans are highly recommended.
Pre-Check-In for 6-Hour and Over 6-Hour Visits is not required, but using the online check-in system will result in quicker registration when you arrive.

Click Here for online
Grove Cottage & Creekside Caravan

Click Here for online
6-Hour & Over 6-Hour Visit

If you experience difficulty with our online system, call 707-987-2477 (9am-8pm) to speak to a helpful human. 

Deposits & Cancellations:
All lodging reservations or visit pre-check-ins generate a pre-paid deposit for the total amount of your visit, plus any membership charge (generating a membership number for future visits). Room reservation deposits are 100% refundable with at least 48 hours notice (50% refundable with at least 24 hours notice). Pre-check-in deposits for 6-Hour and Over 6-Hour Visits are 100% refundable. To change or cancel an online reservation or pre-check-in, call 707-987-2477 (9am-8pm).


Gift Cards:  If you wish to use pre-fire Gift Cards/Certificates for lodging reservations or pre-check-in, please book your stay by phone.

Before your visit

Rates, Reservations (Lodging) & Pre-Check-In

To change, cancel or get assistance with Reservations or Pre-Check-In, call 707-987-2477 (9 am to 8 pm)

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