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Resilience and Change

posted on: Friday, August 26th, 2016 by Harbin Management

The Long View… by Linda Miller, 30 year resident


The obvious transformations that came in the wake of the Valley Fire had to do with letting go:  letting go of homes, possessions, patterns.  Rising to the occasion of newness in almost every quarter of daily life.  Allowing identification to transfer from the historical, the comfortable and the patterned to the possible.  To the “new” and the necessary.   For many here at Harbin, the remaining inner circle of residents, it meant stepping up to the plate in new functions and entirely different levels of responsibility.


Longtime resident-employees had to switch Departments and learn new roles under the extraordinary pressure to begin the process of reopening in the shortest possible time.  Nascent leadership qualities were given an opportunity to show up – in a hurry- and in support of that, the surrounding community offered up a generation of seasoned, suddenly-dispersed residents, who contributed time and energy and know-how to a new generation of leadership.  This support network consists of people steeped in Harbin history and tradition and the subtle expertise necessary to enhance our quirky energetic organizational re-start.


Into freshly turned ground, seeds of transformation have been deftly sown and are are now coming into flower.  We are so grateful for and want to acknowledge the resilience and courage of so many here at Harbin who continue to be flexible and willing to do what it takes, and change as they must to keep the Community and its possibilities alive and well.  Kudos to evolution with its promise of new and brighter beginnings. Kudos to the Harbinites that remain as family and love-laced team.

Over 80 years…

posted on: Monday, July 11th, 2016 by Harbin Management


We wanted to share news about the Harbin hot pool building. Because of weakening from the fire, the walls of the building became structurally compromised. Though they stood firm throughout the fire and protected the pool and railings, they were no longer safe for reincorporation into a new hot pool space. Unfortunately the walls had to be removed.  Brick by brick, each wall was carefully disassembled by hand.


A whirlwind of feelings, again.


This modest temple was a place of palpable tenderness and healing and we cherish the intimate, demure candle-lit gentleness it radiated for so many years. What else to say and feel other than thank you…and deep gratitude.


In the coming weeks we will be rebuilding a new hot pool space, and it’s our intention for it to look exactly as it did before. Until then the heart of Harbin sits open, without walls, unguarded and beautiful, seeing the sun and stars for the first time in over 80 years.


On The Drawing Board And In The News

posted on: Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 by Harbin Managment

Below is an image of the site plan for the final stage of construction. We are very happy to share this preliminary drawing of future Harbin.   For more information concerning construction updates see our news page:  

We also think you’ll enjoy this thoughtful newscast from Wilson Walker at KPIX Channel 5 News:

***Harbin Hot Springs Emerging From the Fire KPIX TV News Report***

and this latest article from the UK Guardian.




Pool Area Ground Survey Completed

posted on: Friday, May 20th, 2016 by Harbin Management

Phase 1 update:  The ground survey of the pools area has been completed. This survey determines how utilities reach the pool area and establishes a pathway for storm drainage. Both our civil engineer and architects will use the survey to determine how construction can proceed. 13147834_10154184332744324_1211037858165921083_o  Based on the information we receive from both those parties we should be able, in the coming weeks, to determine more accurately a timeline for Phase 1 opening.

Quick Phase 1 Update

posted on: Monday, April 18th, 2016 by Harbin Management

Since our announcement last month of a fall 2016 opening, we have been striving on many fronts to get ready for  the 12823235_10153984949834324_8801872846851299895_oPhase 1 rebuild.

Pools:  Harbin has submitted a number of plans to the county for necessary renovations to the pool area.  We recently had two of these plans approved.  These renovations include a total rebuild and renovation of the Harbin pool’s pump room and a large retaining wall on the hillside just above the swimming pool. Work on these projects are underway.

Environment: Ground crews are working hard to remove “biomass” from Mainside and adjacent areas.  The work they’ve done has had a very dramatic effect on the visual appearance of the Mainside landscape.   Though at times it is difficult to come to terms with amount of tree loss, the work being performed now sets the stage for future regrowth.

Harbin Design Layout:  Harbin Management has been working (and reworking) the puzzle of facility placement of Phase 1 services.  They have also been in heavy consultation with our architects (Mithun) for Phase 3 design layout.  As soon as we can provide visuals we will post them.

Back to the build…

A peek into our first design meeting

posted on: Monday, March 7th, 2016 by Harbin Management

Late last January the Managing Directors and Department Representatives met with Mithun for a two day charrette (design discussion) in Middletown. This was an opportunity forHarbin people and Mithun people to connect, build relationships and trust with the architects as well as initiate the creative process.  On day one, the Mithun team of five introduced themselves, their work, and a bit about their design process. After introductions, there was an opportunity for each MD, each Manager and Representative to speak from the heart on what Harbin means to them. This helped the architects to begin their process of deeply listening to the group’s needs, dreams and desires for the rebuild.

In the afternoon of day one, Residents were invited to participate in a two hour discussion to allow Mithun to further understand who ‘we’ are.  The meeting was well attended and each person had an opportunity to make a statement or ask a question. The Mithun team was impressed by our Heart Consciousness, openness, and our enthusiasm. The discussion about the land and the living water was reassuring, and the team from Mithun was receptive and taking notes throughout.

On the second day, the Department Managers and Representatives were led through a series of ‘exercises’ to help Mithun further understand our community and the guest experience at Harbin. Later that morning, small groups were formed focusing on Pools, Wellness, Welcome Center/Administration and Rooms/Cottages. All had the opportunity to explore and draw on overlays of topographic maps where we felt the buildings, pools and features could be located, considering traffic flow, parking, and aesthetic aspects.

Each group had a short visit to the land with the architects to see the actual space after working on our drawings. This allowed deeper understanding of what would and wouldn’t be feasible or realistic. The groups returned to the ‘drawing boards’, eventually presenting our designs to the entire room. Although the drawings were just an exercise in terms of the final designs, the purpose was to help Mithun extract essential principles and concepts so they can create a few design options.

The process was inspiring,engaging and enjoyable for all involved and after two days together there was a palpable feeling admiration between both parties.  We’re all looking forward to meeting again.


Not Easy Being Green

posted on: Friday, February 12th, 2016 by Harbin Management


If you can imagine a color dominating or symbolizing a period of time, then perhaps for Middletown and Harbin this false greenery depicts our time for the last few months better than any other. It comes off as awkward, slightly hesitant, maybe dishonest, juvenile – as though it is being asked to carry a message that it doesn’t yet have the voice to speak. Somehow both sickly and hopeful at the same time, this hydroseed spray is comprised of both fertilizer and grass seed, a blend of the past and future, an odd mix of death and life.

A similar theme resurfaces for us as we work toward restoring Harbin. We recognize the wave patterns; hope, grief, hope, grief, hope… What parts of our past still have something to contribute? What old spirits will nourish and inspire all these new plans…what do we care about most? What did we take with us when the fire came?

On a personal level, each of us here has had to swim in these waters and share as we could, our feelings with those still around, still remaining. But for a greater collective of people, perhaps this hasn’t been acknowledged, or acknowledged for you. This pendulum of hope and grief is not solely ours. We’ve heard from many guests how sorry they were to lose their “special place”. They spoke to us about the deep feelings they’ve endured since September; their loss of community, social support and place of retreat, not to mention the waters and land. Perhaps it is difficult to explain these feelings to people in your world who don’t know what Harbin was like, or what it meant to you. This message is to say we are there with you and that you are not alone; that the way you may be aching is recognized.

This is a process of patience. It’s a dance between the fertilizer and the seed. It’s awkward, humbling and real as dirt… and spring is coming.

Meeting with Architects

posted on: Friday, January 29th, 2016 by Harbin Management

We laughed, we cried, we got to use fancy magic markers…over the last two days an extended circle of the Harbin management team had the opportunity to engage with the architects from Mithun in a design process called a Charrette (think highly organized brainstorm session). There was a quick recognition between Harbin and Mithun that we shared similar ideals about listening to the land and sustainability (and that we all just liked each other). This seemed to create an immediate trust bond within the room. We were informed that it “often takes months” for clients to reach the level of vulnerability and openness that we established within the first few hours. Later in the day, while reviewing some primitive sketches with Harbin residents, the Harbin contingent broke out into rounds of applause. The lead architect smiled and reflected on our unique enthusiasm: “no one ever claps at these things.”charrette123

The what, the where and the why…

posted on: Friday, January 22nd, 2016 by Harbin Management

In thinking of a recreation of Harbin, naturally the focus centers on the physical aspect of buildings, landscape and layout; determining the What and the Where to put it. Though these considerations are absolutely crucial and on our minds constantly, it is so encouraging to shift thought from the What and the Where to the Why… Thank you Renee Marie for reminding us of this in your beautiful, vulnerable message and allowing us to repost it. To help recreate a culture that can contribute to healing of this type recalls to us a large part of what we are building for.

The Past Into The Future

posted on: Friday, January 8th, 2016 by Harbin Management

2016 promises to be a year of many choices for Harbin. The decisions, plans and projects initiated now will determine how Harbin will serve its wider community for decades to come.

In this brief moment, before all the wheels start spinning and the sketches are drawn up, please help us set an intention; an intention to be guided in our choices by deep listening, clarity, transparency, healing wisdom, sustainability, human potential, human kindness and the land itself. Thank you.

As we head into a phase of visioning for Harbin’s future, we find it helpful to look over your comments, postings and emails (keep them coming) about how guests and residents engaged the Harbin environment. Some strong themes emerge; a profound sense of relaxation, self-acceptance, shedding of body shame, personal growth, the wisdom of nature and the ability to center. Here’s to carrying the best of our past into the future.

Wishing you a year of exciting choices and good decisions!! Happy New Year.

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