-2 Breakfast - Harbin Hot Springs Retreat Center

Illustration of two bears dancing in the woods with the words Dancing Bear Cafe arching over the trees.

Organic Breakfast
8am – 11am

House-Made Granola Bowl $12
Gluten Free Chia Granola, Cashew or Greek Yogurt, Fresh Berries
Oatmeal Bowl $10
Steel-Cut Oatmeal, California Walnuts and Raisins, Fresh Berries
Side of Organic Maple Syrup $.50
Avocado Toast $7
Gluten Free or Sprouted Wheat Bread. Avocado, Sprouts, Seed Sprinkles
The Popeye Bowl $14
Grain or Potatoes, Baby Spinach, Black Beans, Pico de Gallo, Avocado, Choice of Dressing
Mushroom Bacon Omelet $16
Three Egg Omelet *contains dairy
Turkey Bacon, Cheese, Mushrooms, Homestyle Potatoes or Steamed Vegetables
Green Omelet $16
Three Egg Omelet *contains dairy
Baby Greens, Avocado, Cheese Homestyle Potatoes or Steamed Vegetables
Breakfast Salad $16
Grain or Potatoes, Baby Greens, Carrots, Cherry Tomato, Poached Eggs or Tofu, Avocado, Chimichurri
Scrambled Eggs $12
Three Eggs *contains dairy
Homestyle Potatoes or Steamed Vegetables
Breakfast Burrito $12
Whole Wheat Tortilla, Egg, Greens, Potatoes, Salsa & Sour Cream
Huevos Rancheros $12
Corn Tortilla, Black Beans, Two Eggs, Cheese, Avocado, Salsa, Sour Cream
Sides and Add Ons
Gluten Free Toast $2.50 Chicken Sausage $5
Sprouted Wheat Toast $2.50 Turkey Bacon $5
Toast with Butter and Jam $4 Half Avocado $3
Two Eggs, Your Way $6 Whole Avocado $5
Steamed Vegetables $6 Hard Boiled Egg $3
Homestyle Potatoes $6 Seasonal Fresh Fruit $6/$12
Extra sides of dressing, salsa, sauces $.50 each