Heart Consciousness Church, Inc., is the 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization that owns and operates Harbin Hot Springs (EIN 23-7422390). It’s not a church in the traditional sense of buildings, congregation, and dogma. Rather, our church is the practical, living embodiment of Oneness. It’s a New Age perspective that weaves together the common threads from the Human Potential Movement, the Natural Holistic Movement, and Universal Spirituality. At Harbin we refer to all of this, together, as “Heart Consciousness”.


The purpose of our Church is to demonstrate and teach the experience and practice of Heart Consciousness. This purpose informs the loving, accepting nature of our retreat center; it’s what helps to create the “Harbin feeling” you can sense throughout our property, and in each of the services and activities we offer. These include: our welcoming of people of all religions and backgrounds; our focus on nature, with thousands of acres of undeveloped land; our Silent Meditation pools, where everyone is encouraged to turn their attention quietly inward; our clothing-optional policy, through which everyone’s essential humanity becomes so apparent; our policies of declining the use of inebriants, and limiting the use of electronics; our focus on presence and self-awareness through massage and other forms of conscious touch; the healthy foods we lovingly prepare and offer; our yoga classes, dances, celebrations, and rituals… All of these are intended to help us all know ourselves more fundamentally, and to more fully experience, embody, and share the Oneness that we all are.


Full Moon and New Moon Ceremonies
Led by Harbin Minister, RLane Hairston
View dates and times here.


Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies
View dates and times here.


Spiritual Gathering of the Harbin Ministers
3rd Sundays of each Month
Join us by Dee’s Fountian in the Harbin Garden for our monthly Spiritual Gathering.
Each month our Spiritual Gathering is filled by a sharing from one of our Harbin Minister, discussion on new HCC business and a Visioning Session guided by R. Lane with a closing Affirmative Prayer. Afterwards one of our ministers will be available for individual prayer or to answer any questions.
Non-HCC ministers and guests are very welcome to attend as observers. Pot luck to follow. Please bring sit-upon and water. 



Heart Consciousness Church
Statement of Consciousness

Harbin Hot Springs is a retreat center where we can experience the beauty of nature while exploring our potential as human beings. Our staff and resident members operate this facility as a service to others, with these common values guiding our actions. Together we choose:

  • To recognize our reliance on this land, water, and air, and be responsible in our stewardship of it.
  • To provide an atmosphere of safety, comfort, and quiet, encouraging all to awareness of their own being.
  • To welcome people of diverse cultural, economic, and social backgrounds.
  • To create a place where the human body is nurtured, respected, and celebrated.
  • To behave harmoniously, bringing respect, integrity, and love to our daily communications and interactions.
  • To explore and present alternatives in the areas of human potential, bodywork, relationships, and holistic thinking.
  • To cultivate lives of spiritual awareness and presence, while encouraging others to do the same.
  • To manage our human and financial resources to support the improvement of Harbin, and related projects.

In all of our work, decisions, and interactions, we choose to use Heart Consciousness as our guiding principle.




Church Membership Policy

Effective July 4th, 2023, all guests over the age of 18 are REQUIRED to purchase a membership. Members can bring up to 3 additional children (0-17) with them per membership. This change was made as a safety precaution to account for all visitors on property.

Membership rates are $10 for a 1-month trial, $30 for a full year and $300 for a lifetime.

Rates, Reservations (Lodging) & Pre-Check-In

To change, cancel or get assistance with Reservations or Pre-Check-In, call 707-987-2477 (9 am to 8 pm)

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